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  1. Jay-Ann Boulyn started this creation specially for woman and men in mind, that really care about their looks, I am home on helping men & woman to draw on their creativity to express their own unique identity. I Jay-Ann states '' beauty to me is about being comfortable in your own skin, so why not own it with with a kick ass shade'', with all beauties in mind.

    Being inspired by my teenager daughter who is trying to unravell  her uniqueness  in the cosmetic world by going through trials and error. In result of this Jayann.Beauty Slay was laungh in August 2020, not just to support my daughter but to enpower all within them self.

    Jayann.Beauty Slay is passionate and formulate collections which includes: hightly competivite price with you all beauties in mind. My creation are about foundation that smooths out and rejuvenate skin which gives a youthful glow and beautifiying look. Luxurious style eye lashes and lipgloss. We believe our Matte lipstick are unique, they are mattifying, long lasting and waterproof with all the benifits of todays modern makeup with unique colours. High Pigmented eye shadows, mascara and much more.